Best privacy songs of 2019


Yes, another year of people singing about the future! And privacy. And surveillance. And some people complaining about this, other people celebrating that… A whole spectrum of ideas and feelings, looking forward to puzzle your information systems. Here goes a personal selection* of some favourite tracks.** Enjoy, relax, and, in case of doubt, say AI.

  1. Gappy Ranks ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (Various Artists, Black Bird Riddim, Baco Records) [YouTube]
  2. Netsky ‘Snitch’ (feat. Aloe Blacc) (Republic) [YouTube]
  3. Momus ‘Facial recognition’ (Akkordion, American Patchwork) [YouTube]
  4. Kari Faux ‘Leave me alone’ [YouTube]
  5. Blank Statements ‘Privacy’ (Signs are Rampant, Tough Love) [Bandcamp]
  6. Wilco ‘Everyone hides’ (Ode to Joy, dBpm Records) ‎ [YouTube]
  7. Lusine ‘Not Alone’ (feat. Jenn Champion) (Retrace, Ghostly International) [YouTube]
  8. Een Glish ‘Log in‘ (Planned Obsolescence) [YouTube]
  9. Tempers ‘Capital pains’ (Private Life, Dais Records) [YouTube]
  10. Pelada ‘Asegura’ (Movimiento Para Cambio, Pan) [Bandcamp]
  11. Nots ‘Surveillance veil’ (3, Goner) [Audiotree Live@YouTube]
  12. CONTROL COP ‘Covert contracts’ (Cover Contracts, Get Better) [Bandcamp]
  13. Kim Gordon ‘Air BnB‘ (No Home Record, Matador) (  [YouTube]
  14. Ariana Grande ‘NASA’ (Thank U, Next, Republic) [Youtube]
  15. Nilüfer Yanya ‘In your head’ (Miss Universe, ATO) [YouTube]
  16. Privacy Issues ‘Privacy issues’ [Bandcamp]
  17. Teejayx6 ‘Dark web‘ (self-released) [YouTube]
  18. Czarface ‘Dear computer’ (The Odd Czar Against Us!, Silver Age) [YouTube]
  19. The Chats ‘Identity theft’ (Bargain Bin) [YouTube]
  20. Maps ‘Surveil’ (Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss., Mute) [YouTube]
  21. Bob Mould ‘Lost faith’ (Sunshine Rock, Merge) [YouTube]
  22. SOL Development ‘Helicopter’ (The SOL of Black Folk, SOL DVLPMNT) [Bandcamp]
  23. Sleater-Kinney ‘The future is here’ (The Center Won’t Hold, Mom+Pop) [YouTube]
  24. Post Malone ‘Internet’ (Hollywood’s Bleeding, Republic) [YouTube]
  25. Holly Herndon ‘Alienation’ (PROTO, 4AD) [YouTube]
  26. Belles in Monica ‘Y’all under surveillance (G-Sharp Mix)‘ (Y’All in Meltdown EP, New Dawn) [YouTube]
  27. Umwelt ‘Computer controlled’ (Superior Life Forms, Midnight Shift) [YouTube]
  28. ACruz Sesper ‘Online stalkers’ (The Cell) [Bandcamp]
  29. Gauche ‘Surveilled society’ (A People’s History of Gauche, Merge) [Bandcamp]
  30. Meiko ‘My brain is a computer’ (In Your Dreams, Pop-up) [YouTube]
  31. Pasha & The Kindred Spirits ‘Face recognition’ (Demo 2019) [Bandcamp]
  32. Shafiq Husayn ‘New worlds over’ (Loop, Eglo) [Bandcamp]
  33. Hence Therefore ‘User against pattern’ (SECULAR HELLS, 3BS) [Bandcamp]
  34. Quelle Chris ‘Mind ya bidness‘ (Guns, Mello Music) [YouTube]
  35. Señor Glitch ‘Mass surveillance’ [Bandcamp]
  36. Gideon Irving ‘Woke up looking’ (Glitterbones Bargain, self-released) [YouTube]
  37. Chris Harris ‘We’ve updated our privacy policy’ (Beyond) [Bandcamp]
  38. Surveillance Capitalism ‘Uber’ (Surveillance Capitalism) [Bandcamp]
  40. Mabel ‘Don’t call me up’ (High Expectations, Polydor) [YouTube]
  41. Chief Keef & Zaytoven ‘Spy Kid‘ (Glotoven, RBC) [YouTube]
  42. Nu Apollo ‘Online Safety [Phase 1/2 DATA PROTECTION’ (Royalty Free Music for the Average Consumer) [Bandcamp]
  43. NF ‘Leave me alone’ (The Search, Capitol) [YouTube]
  44. Persephone’s Dream ‘Surveillance’ (Anomalous Propagation, Melodic Revolution) [Bandcamp]
  45. Privacy Policy ‘XKeyscore‘ (Goldbrick) [Bandcamp]
  46. Space Nerdz ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (In Space) [YouTube]
  47. Remute ‘The right to be forgotten’ (Technoptimistic) [Bandcamp]
  48. A Call For Positive Automation ‘Automated labour’ (The Series of Events to Democratise Technologies) [Bandcamp]
  49. Petra Glynt ‘Surveillance’ (The Discography) [Bandcamp]
  50. Glitch Black ‘Data breach’ (Age of Machines) [Bandcamp]
  51. Zoetrope ‘Remember a day when we were not online (All the Hills) [Bandcamp]
  52. Paolo Tarsi ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (Artificial Intelligence, Mondo Groove)
  53. Dan Armstrong ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (Artificial Intelligence, Reflection Records) [Bandcamp]

For more music, check the Best privacy songs of 2018, or DJ Soeur Veillance general list, named Another privacy & surveillance playlist.

*= There are many more.

**= Ranking is based on a variety of criteria including thematic relevance, originality, and compatibility with subjective taste.

Workshop on Feminist Data Protection

On 20th November 2019 took place the Workshop on Feminist Data Protection in Berlin, organised with the support of the Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (ULD) Schleswig-Holstein, the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW) and the Center for Gender and Diversity Research (ZGD) of the University of Tübingen and the Law, Science, Technology and Society (LSTS) Research Group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). All details can be found here.