GDPR & data protection education

Some useful free online resources for teaching – and learning – European data protection law.

GDPR resources

  • Dr. McCullagh, Karen, Olivia Tambou and Sam Bourton (eds.) (2019), National adaptations of the GDPR, Collection Open Access Book, Blogdroiteuropeen, Luxembourg (pdf).

Data protection in general

  • The ‘HELP in the 28’ course on ‘Data Protection and Privacy Rights‘ (updated in 2017), accessible here.
  • The Handbook on European data protection law (2018 edition), published by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency: download the pdf, or more information here.

Data protection for children

  • The European Handbook for Teaching Privacy and Data Protection at Schools, available in English (pdf), Polish (pdf), Hungarian (pdf), and Slovenian (pdf). 

Data protection for the judiciary

  • INtroduction of the data protection reFORM to the judicial system (INFORM) project e-learning platform.

Other useful documents

Other useful links

CJEU case law