Best privacy songs of 2019


Yes, another year of people singing about the future! And privacy. And surveillance. And some people complaining about this, other people celebrating that… A whole spectrum of ideas and feelings, looking forward to puzzle your information systems. Here goes a personal selection* of some favourite tracks.** Enjoy, relax, and, in case of doubt, say AI.

  1. Gappy Ranks ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (Various Artists, Black Bird Riddim, Baco Records) [YouTube]
  2. Netsky ‘Snitch’ (feat. Aloe Blacc) (Republic) [YouTube]
  3. Momus ‘Facial recognition’ (Akkordion, American Patchwork) [YouTube]
  4. Kari Faux ‘Leave me alone’ [YouTube]
  5. Blank Statements ‘Privacy’ (Signs are Rampant, Tough Love) [Bandcamp]
  6. Wilco ‘Everyone hides’ (Ode to Joy, dBpm Records) ‎ [YouTube]
  7. Lusine ‘Not Alone’ (feat. Jenn Champion) (Retrace, Ghostly International) [YouTube]
  8. Een Glish ‘Log in‘ (Planned Obsolescence) [YouTube]
  9. Tempers ‘Capital pains’ (Private Life, Dais Records) [YouTube]
  10. Pelada ‘Asegura’ (Movimiento Para Cambio, Pan) [Bandcamp]
  11. Nots ‘Surveillance veil’ (3, Goner) [Audiotree Live@YouTube]
  12. CONTROL COP ‘Covert contracts’ (Cover Contracts, Get Better) [Bandcamp]
  13. Kim Gordon ‘Air BnB‘ (No Home Record, Matador) (  [YouTube]
  14. Ariana Grande ‘NASA’ (Thank U, Next, Republic) [Youtube]
  15. Nilüfer Yanya ‘In your head’ (Miss Universe, ATO) [YouTube]
  16. Privacy Issues ‘Privacy issues’ [Bandcamp]
  17. Teejayx6 ‘Dark web‘ (self-released) [YouTube]
  18. Czarface ‘Dear computer’ (The Odd Czar Against Us!, Silver Age) [YouTube]
  19. The Chats ‘Identity theft’ (Bargain Bin) [YouTube]
  20. Maps ‘Surveil’ (Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss., Mute) [YouTube]
  21. Bob Mould ‘Lost faith’ (Sunshine Rock, Merge) [YouTube]
  22. SOL Development ‘Helicopter’ (The SOL of Black Folk, SOL DVLPMNT) [Bandcamp]
  23. Sleater-Kinney ‘The future is here’ (The Center Won’t Hold, Mom+Pop) [YouTube]
  24. Post Malone ‘Internet’ (Hollywood’s Bleeding, Republic) [YouTube]
  25. Holly Herndon ‘Alienation’ (PROTO, 4AD) [YouTube]
  26. Belles in Monica ‘Y’all under surveillance (G-Sharp Mix)‘ (Y’All in Meltdown EP, New Dawn) [YouTube]
  27. Umwelt ‘Computer controlled’ (Superior Life Forms, Midnight Shift) [YouTube]
  28. ACruz Sesper ‘Online stalkers’ (The Cell) [Bandcamp]
  29. Gauche ‘Surveilled society’ (A People’s History of Gauche, Merge) [Bandcamp]
  30. Meiko ‘My brain is a computer’ (In Your Dreams, Pop-up) [YouTube]
  31. Pasha & The Kindred Spirits ‘Face recognition’ (Demo 2019) [Bandcamp]
  32. Shafiq Husayn ‘New worlds over’ (Loop, Eglo) [Bandcamp]
  33. Hence Therefore ‘User against pattern’ (SECULAR HELLS, 3BS) [Bandcamp]
  34. Quelle Chris ‘Mind ya bidness‘ (Guns, Mello Music) [YouTube]
  35. Señor Glitch ‘Mass surveillance’ [Bandcamp]
  36. Gideon Irving ‘Woke up looking’ (Glitterbones Bargain, self-released) [YouTube]
  37. Chris Harris ‘We’ve updated our privacy policy’ (Beyond) [Bandcamp]
  38. Surveillance Capitalism ‘Uber’ (Surveillance Capitalism) [Bandcamp]
  40. Mabel ‘Don’t call me up’ (High Expectations, Polydor) [YouTube]
  41. Chief Keef & Zaytoven ‘Spy Kid‘ (Glotoven, RBC) [YouTube]
  42. Nu Apollo ‘Online Safety [Phase 1/2 DATA PROTECTION’ (Royalty Free Music for the Average Consumer) [Bandcamp]
  43. NF ‘Leave me alone’ (The Search, Capitol) [YouTube]
  44. Persephone’s Dream ‘Surveillance’ (Anomalous Propagation, Melodic Revolution) [Bandcamp]
  45. Privacy Policy ‘XKeyscore‘ (Goldbrick) [Bandcamp]
  46. Space Nerdz ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (In Space) [YouTube]
  47. Remute ‘The right to be forgotten’ (Technoptimistic) [Bandcamp]
  48. A Call For Positive Automation ‘Automated labour’ (The Series of Events to Democratise Technologies) [Bandcamp]
  49. Petra Glynt ‘Surveillance’ (The Discography) [Bandcamp]
  50. Glitch Black ‘Data breach’ (Age of Machines) [Bandcamp]
  51. Zoetrope ‘Remember a day when we were not online (All the Hills) [Bandcamp]
  52. Paolo Tarsi ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (Artificial Intelligence, Mondo Groove)
  53. Dan Armstrong ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (Artificial Intelligence, Reflection Records) [Bandcamp]

For more music, check the Best privacy songs of 2018, or DJ Soeur Veillance general list, named Another privacy & surveillance playlist.

*= There are many more.

**= Ranking is based on a variety of criteria including thematic relevance, originality, and compatibility with subjective taste.