A playlist about privacy and surveillance


A collection of songs about surveillance and privacy.

  1. Ethel Merman ‘Why do they call a private a private?‘ (12″, V Disc, 1945) [HistoryOnTheNet]
  2. Hank Williams ‘Mind your own business’ (7″, MGM Records, 1949)
  3. Little Richard ‎’Slippin’ and slidin‘(Here’s Little Richard, Speciality, 1957)
  4. Bobby Vee ‎’The night has a thousand eyes’ (7″, Liberty, 1963)
  5. The Kinks ‎’Party Line’ (Face to Face, Rye Records, 1966)
  6. Johnny Rivers ‎’Secret agent man’ (7″, Imperial, 1966)
  7. Jamo Thomas & His Party Brothers Orchestra‘I spy (For the FBI)‘ (7″, Thomas Records, 1966)
  8. The Glass Family ‘House of glass’ (Electric Band, Warner Bros., 1967)
  9. The Shoes ‘Peace and privacy‘ (Polydor, 1967)
  10. Simon & Garfunkel ‘Mrs. Robinson‘ (CBS, 1968)
  11. Wonderland ‘Peeping and hiding’ (Polydor, 1968)
  12. George Williams No business of yours‘ (7″, Bullet, 1969)
  13. The Doors ‘The spy’ (Morrison Hotel,  Elektra, 1970)
  14. The Kinks ‘Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues‘ (Muswell Hillbillies, RCA Victor, 1971) [YouTube of live in 1973]
  15. Jacques Dutronc ‘Vie privée, domaine public’ (1972, Disques Vogue, 1972)
  16. Stevie Wonder ‎’Big Brother’ (Talking Book, Tamla, 1972)
  17. Howlin’ Wolf ‎’Watergate blues’ (The Back Door Wolf, Chess, 1973)
  18. New York Dolls ‎’Private world’ (New York Dolls, Mercury, 1973)
  19. David Bowie ‘1984′ (Diamond Dogs, RCA Victor, 1974)
  20. David Bowie ‘Big Brother(Diamond Dogs, RCA Victor, 1974)
  21. Rolling Stones ‘Fingerprint file’ (It’s only rock ‘n roll, Rolling Stones Records, 1974) [YouTube]
  22. Ella Fitzgerald T’aint nobody’s bizness‘ (Ella Fitzgerald At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1975, Pablo Records, 1975)
  23. Elvis Costello ‘Watching the detectives’ (1977) (7″, Stiff Records, 1977) [YouTube]
  24. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers ‎’Angels watching over me (Rock ‘N’ Roll With The Modern Lovers, Beserkley, 1977)
  25. Television ‎’Prove it’ (Marquee Moon, Elektra, 1977)
  26. Delta 5 ‎’Mind your own Business’ (7″, 1979)
  27. Devo ‎’Secret agent man’ (Duty Now For The Future,  Virgin, 1979)
  28. Cheap Trick ‎’Dream police’ (Dream Police, Epic, 1979) [YouTube]
  29. Talking Heads ‎’Life during war’ (Fear Of Music, Sire, 1979)
  30. This Heat ‘Twilight furniture’ (This Heat, Piano, 1979)
  31. The Roches ‎’We’ (The Roches, Warner Bros, 1979)
  32. XTC ‘Real by reel’ (Dreams and wires, Virgin 1979)
  33. Dead Kennedys ‘California über Alles’ (Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables,
    Cherry Red, 1980)
  34. UK Subs ‘Brand New Age’ (Brand New Age, RCA, 1980)
  35. Au Pairs ‘Headache (For Michelle)‘(Playing With A Different Sex, Human Records, 1981) mc5qcgvn
  36. The Dadacomputer ‘Computer bank’ (The Dadacomputer, 1981)
  37. The Fall ‘Prole art threat’ (The Slates, Rough Trade, 1981)
  38. Daryl Hall and John Oates ‘Private eyes’ (Private Eyes, RCA, 1981) [YouTube]
  39. Go-Go’s ‘Out lips are sealed’ ‎(Beauty and the Beat, IRS Records, 1981) [YouTube]
  40. Kym Amps ‘You don’t know my name (but I know you)’ (You Don’t Know My Name (But I Know You), Diversion, 1981)
  41. Kraftwerk ‎’Computerwelt’ (Computerwelt, Mute, 1981)
  42. Siouxsie and The Banshees ‘Monitor’‎ (Juju, Polydor, 1981)
  43. Rick Wakeman ‘1984 Overture‘ (1984, Charisma) For a video of a performance of the whole album: YouTube.
  44. The Alan Parsons Project‘Eye in the sky’ (Eye in the sky, Arista, 1982) [YouTube]
  45. The Ex ‘Watch-dogs’ (History is what’s happening, More Dirt Per Minute, 1982)
  46. Horace Andy ‘Spying glass’ (Dance Hall Style, Wackie’s, 1982)
  47. Hüsker Dü ‘Data control’ (Land Speed Record, SST Records, 1982)
  48. Judas Priest ‘Electric eye’ ‎(Screaming for Vengeance, CBS, 1982)
  49. Laura Branigan ‘Gloria‘ (Atlantic, 1982) [YouTube]
  50. Neil Young ‘Computer age’ (Trans, Geffen, 1982)
  51. Neil Young ‘We R in control’ (Trans, Geffen, 1982)
  52. Patrick BowleyTech-No-Logical World(Mind Warp, 1982) ms5qcgvn
  53. Originalton ‘Datenschutz’ (Mein Leben ist ein Werbespot, Neue Welt Schallplatten, 1982)
  54. Thomson Twins ‘We are detective’ (Quick Step & Side Kick, Arista, 1982) [YouTube]
  55. Anti Social Workers and The Mad Professor ‘Who’s watching you?’ (Punky Reggae Party, Ariwa, 1983)
  56. Dear Enemy ‘Computer One’ (Capitol Records, 1983) [YouTube]
  57. The PoliceEvery breath you take‘ (Synchronicity, A&M Records, 1983) [YouTube]
  58. The Romantics ‘Talking in your sleep‘ (EPIC, 1983) [YouTube]
  59. Rockwell ‎’Somebody’s watching Me’ (Somebody’s Watching Me, Motown, 1983) [YouTube]
  60. Trans-X ‘Living on video’ (Message on the Radio, 1983) [YouTube]
  61. Anthony Philips ‘Anthem 1984′ (1984, RCA)
  62. Cabaret Voltaire ‘Spies in the wires’ ‎(Micro-Phonies, Virgin, 1984)
  63. Eurythmics ‎’Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)‘ (1984 (For the Love of Big Brother), Virgin, 1984)
  64. Bibi Flash ‘Vie privée’ (7″, RCA, 1984) [YouTube]
  65. Jethro Tull ‘Paparazzi’ (Under wraps, Chrysalis, 1984)
  66. Jyl ‘The computer generation’ (Jyl, Thunderbolt, 1984)
  67. Monitor ‘Mensch Aus Glas’ (Ariola, 1984) [YouTube]
  68. Tina Turner ‘1984′ (cover of David Bowie) (Private Dancer, Capitol, 1984)
  69. Beat Happening ‎’I spy’ (Beat Happening,  K Records, 1985)
  70. John Cale ‘Vigilante lover’ (Artificial Intelligence, Beggars Banquet, 1985) r-1330841-1376452779-3040.jpeg
  71. Nature ‘Don’t let computers grow!’ (Constant, 1985)
  72. Paul McCartney ‎’Spies like us‘ (7″, Parlophone, 1985)
  73. Mad Professor ‎’Under surveillance’ (Dub Me Crazy Part Five: Who Knows the Secret of the Master Tape?, Ariwa, 1985)
  74. Alaska y Dinarama ‎’A quién le importa‘ (Hispavox, 1986)
  75. Pete Townshend ‘Hiding out’ (Acto Records, 1986)
  76. They Might Be Giants (She was a) Hotel detective(They Might Be Giants, Bar/None Records, 1986) r-11882844-1579293398-3577.jpeg
  77. Mercedes Herman ‎’Une vie privée publique‘ (12″, CPA Disques, 1987)
  78. Aleph ‘Big Brother’ (Time Records, 1988)
  79. Ambitious Lovers ‎‘Privacy’ (Greed, Virgin, 1988)
  80. Hank Williams Jr. What You Don’t Know (Won’t Hurt You)‘ ‎(Wild Streak, Warner Bros, 1988)
  81. Depeche Mode ‘Policy of truth’ (Violator, Mute, 1990) [YouTube]
  82. Public Enemy ‘Revolutionary generation’ (Fear of a black planet, Def Jam Recordings, 1990]
  83. Metallica ‘Don’t tread on me’ (Metallica, Elektra, 1991)
  84. Black Sabbath ‘Computer god’ (Dehumanizer, Reprise, 1992)
  85. Bügsküll‘Eavesdropping’ (Gargamelodies, Eldest Son Records, 1992)
  86. Isabel Pantoja ‘Que se busquen a otra’ (RCA, 1992) [YouTube]
  87. Leonard Cohen ‎’The Future’ (The Future,  Columbia, 1992)
  88. The Magnetic Fields ‘Technical (you’re so)’ ‎(The House of Tomorrow EP, Feel Good All Over, 1992)
  89. Snow ‘Informer’ (12″, EastWest Records America, 1992)
  90. Sonic Youth ‘Stalker’ (Dirty, Geffen, 1992)
  91. Suzanne Vega ‘Private goes public’ (99.9 F°, A&M, 1992)
  92. The Auteurs ‘Life Classes / Life Model (Now I’m A Cowboy, Hut, 1993)
  93. Fugazi ‘Public Witness Program‘ (In On The Kill Taker, Dischord, 1993)
  94. Guided By Voices ‘#2 In The Model Home Series’ (Vampire On Titus, Scat Records, 1993)my5qcgvn
  95. Salt ‘N’ Pepa ‘None of your business’ ‎(Very Necessary, FFRR, 1993) [YouTube]
  96. Electronic Eye ‘Datacrime‘ (Closed Circuit, Beyond, 1994)
  97. Guided By Voices ‎’Peep-hole’ (Bee Thousand, Scat Records, 1994)
  98. Juggling Jugulars ‎’Selling privacy’ (…For Humanity – Early 90’s, Genet Records, 1994) [Bandcamp]
  99. Pearl Jam ‘Pry, to’ (Vitalogy, EPIC, 1994)
  100. R.E.M. ‘Star 69(Monster, Warner Bros., 1994) [YouTube]
  101. Rollins Band ‘Disconnect’ ‎(Weight, Imago, 1994) [YouTube]
  102. Against All Authority ‎’Another fuck you song’ (Destroy what destroys you, Far Out Records, 1995)
  103. Blur ‘The Universal’ (The Great Escape, Parlophone, 1995) [YouTube]
  104. Mobb Deep ‘Temperature’s rising ‎(The Infamous, Loud Records, 1995)
  105. No DoubtSpiderwebs’ ‎(Tragic Kingdom, Interscope Records, 1995) [YouTube]
  106. Pulp ‘I spy’ (Different class, Island Records, 1995)
  107. Anti-Flag ‘I’m being watched by the CIA(Die For The Government, New Red Archives, 1996)
  108. Do or Die ‘Search warrant‘ (Picture This, Rap-A-Lot Records, 1996) [YouTube]
  109. Smog ‘You moved in’ (The doctor came at dawn, Domino, 1996)
  110. Atari Teenage Riot ‘Delete Yourself ! You Got No Chance To Win!(Delete Yourself!, Digital Hardcore Recordings, 1997)
  111. Fear Factory ‘Securitron (Police State 2000)‘ (Obsolete, Roadrunner Records, 1997) [YouTube]
  112. The Firm ‘Phone tap’ (The Album, Columbia, 1997)
  113. Portastatic ‘Spying on the spys’ (The Nature of Sap, Merge, 1997) [YouTube]
  114. Crucial Conflict ‘Faceless ones‘ (Good side bad side, Universal Records, 1998) [YouTube]
  115. Killah Priest ‘Information’ (Heavy Mental, Geffen, 1998) [YouTube]
  116. Ophélie Winter ‘Dans mon intimité‘ (Privacy, EastWest, 1998)
  117. Quasi ‘Our happiness is guaranteed‘ (Featuring “Birds“, Domino, 1998)
  118. Spoon ‘Metal detektor’ (A Series of Sneaks, 1998) a2314726404_16
  119. Trans AM ‘Access control’ (The Surveillance, City Slang, 1998)
  120. Unwound ‘Data’ (Challenge For A Civilized Society, Kill Rock Stars, 1998)
  121. Atari Teenage Riot ‘Atari Teenage Riot II’ (60 Second Wipe Out, Digital Hardcore Recordings, 1999)
  122. Barcelona ‎’I have the password to your shell account‘ (ZeRo-oNe-INFINITY, 1999)
  123. Dead Prez, ‘Police state’ (Lets Get Free, Loud Records, 1999)
  124. Kings of Convenience ‘Brave New World’ (7″, Éllet Records, 1999)
  125. Saxon ‘Watching you’ (Metalhead, Steamhammer, 1999)
  126. The Grouch ‎’Stop Spying‘ (Making Perfect Sense, G&E Music, 1999)
  127. Badly Drawn BoyEverybody’s stalking ‎(The hour of bewilderbeast, Twisted Nerve, 2000)
  128. Chicks On SpeedMind Your Own Business‘‎ (cover of Delta 5) (Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All!, Chicks On Speed Records, 2000) [Soundcloud]
  129. Coldplay ‘Spies’ (Parachutes, Parlophone, 2000) [YouTube]
  130. Deltron 3030 ‎’Virus’ (Deltron 3030, 75 Ark, 2000)
  131. Iron Maiden ‘Brave New World’ (Brave New World, EMI, 200) [YouTube (live at Rock in Rio)]
  132. Jill Scott ‘Watching me’ (Who is Jill Scott? – Words and Sounds Vol. 1, Hidden Beach Recordings, 2000)
  133. RadioheadHow to disappear completely‘ (Kid A, Parlophone, 2000)
  134. Stereolab ‘Retrograde mirror form’ ‎(The First of the Microbe Hunters, Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks, 2000)
  135. John Vanderslice ‎’Bill Gates must die’ (Mass Suicide Occult Figurines, Barsuk, 2000) [YouTube]
  136. Arab Strap ‘Love detective’ (The Red Thread, Chemikal Underground, 2001) [YouTube]
  137. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti ‎’Privacy(– Scared Famous/FF>>, Demonstration Bootleg, 2001)
  138. Björk ‘Hidden place’ (Vespertine, Polydor, 2001) [YouTube]
  139. Michael Jackson ‎’Privacy’ (Invincible, Epic, 2001)
  140. A Trillion Barnacle Lapse ‎’Privacy had a bad ticker (The Elemental Gearbot, Nova Recordings, 2002)
  141. Piebald ‎’The stalker’ (We are the only friends we have, Big Wheel Recreation, 2002)
  142. Snapcase ‎’Ten AM’ (End Transmission, Victory Records, 2002)
  143. Sutekh ‘Privacy’ (2002) [Bandcamp]
  144. Grizzly Bear ‎’Eavesdropping’ (Horn of Plenty, Kanine Records, 2003)
  145. Karl Bartos ‘Cyberspace’ (Communication, Sony, 2003)
  146. Blur ‘We’ve got a file on you‘ (Think Tank, Parlophone, 2003)
  147. Radiohead ‎’2 + 2 = 5′ (Hail To The Thief, Parlophone, 2003)
  148. Wire ‘Being watched’ (Send, Pinkflag, 2003)
  149. Dr Zyklus ‘Biometric ID’ (Biometry, Djak-Up-Bitch, 2004)
  150. Hard-Fi ‎’Stars of CCTV’ (Stars of CCTV,  Necessary Records, 2004) 
  151. Interpol ‘Narc’ (Antics, Matador, 2004)
  152. U2 ‘Fast cars’ (How to dismantle an atomic bomb, Island Records, 2004)
  153. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone ‘A normal suburban lifestyle is a near impossibility once you’ve fallen in love with an international spy’ (The First Two Albums, Tomlab, 2005) [Bandcamp]
  154. Ladytron ‎’Nothing to hide’ (Destroy Everything You Touch single, Island Records, 2005)
  155. Quasimoto ‘Privacy’ (The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas, Stones Throw, 2005)
  156. David Bazan ‎’Selling advertising‘ (Fewer Moving Parts EP, self-released, 2006) [Bandcamp]
  157. Buzzcocks ‘Big Brother wheels’ (Flat-Pack Philosophy, Cooking Vinyl, 2006) lmpwzwc
  158. The Black Heart Procession ‘GPS’‎ (The Spell, Touch and Go, 2006)
  159. Franz Ferdinand ‘Your diary’ (You could have it so much better, Sony, 2006)
  160. John B ‎’I’ve been stalking you on Myspace’(7″, Beta Recordings, 2006) [YouTube]
  161. They Might Be Giants ‘Call connected thru the NSA’ (They Might Be Ringtones, self-released, 2006)
  162. Arcade Fire ‎’Black mirror’ (Neon Bible, Merge, 2007) [YouTube]
  163. Passenger ‘Night vision binoculars‘ (Wicked Man’s Rest, Chalk Mark, 2007)
  164. Pet Shop Boys ‘Integral’ (Fundamental, Parlophone, 2006) [YouTube]
  165. A-Frames ‘Surveillance’ (from S/T, 2007) [Bandcamp]
  166. Private Lives Private Life‘ (12″, Soul Jazz Records, 2007)
  167. Roboton ‘The new scare’ (Self-released, 2007) [Bandcamp]
  168. They Might Be Giants (She was a) Hotel detective in the future(The Else, Idlewild Recordings, 2007)
  169. Keny Arkana ‘Ordre mondial’ ‎(Désobéissance, Because Music, 2008) [YouTube]
  170. Los Campesinos! ‘Death to Los Campesinos!’ (Whichita, 2008) [YouTube]
  171. LV ‘CCTV‘ (feat. Dandelion) (Hyperdub, 2008) [YouTube]
  172. Lyrics Born ‘Homeland Security (skit)’ ‎(Everywhere at Once, Anti-, 2008)
  173. Cold War Kids ‎’Against privacy’ (Loyalty to Loyalty, Downtown Music, 2008)
  174. Controlled Storms ‘Surveillance’ (Abandoned Amusement Parks, Self-released, 2008)
  175. Delaney Davidson ‘Stalker’ (Ghost songs, Self-released, 2008) [Bandcamp]
  176. James Ferraro ‘Surveillance’ (Postremo Mundus Techno-Symposium, New Age Tapes, 2008)
  177. Nite Jewel ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (Good Evening, Gloriette Records, 2008)
  178. Archive‘Controlling Crowds’ (Controlling Crowds, Warner Music, 2009)
  179. Brendan Benson ‘Eyes On The Horizon‘ (My Old, Familiar Frien, ATO, 2009)
  180. Wynter Gordon ‘Surveillance’ (Self-released, 2009) [Bandcamp]
  181. Lisa Lois ‘Watching you’ (Smoke, Sony Music, 2009) [YouTube]
  182. Pet Shop Boys ‎’Building a wall’ (Yes, Parlophone, 2009)
  183. Yo La Tengo ‘Nothing to hide’ (Popular Songs, Matador, 2009) [YouTube]
  184. Cave In ‘Droned’ (Anomalies Vol. 2, Hydra Head Records, 2010)
  185. Duran Duran ‘Being followed’ (All You Need Is Now, Skin Divers, 2010)
  186. KaterineTé-lé-phone‘ (Philippe Katerine, Barclay, 2010) [YouTube] 394dd4fa4b78f2cb835749046d02dc80.1000x1000x1
  187. MIA ‘The message’ (– /\/\ /\ Y /\, XL Recordings, 2010) [YouTube]
  188. THOU ‘The eyes of the world are upon you’ (Dwell in the darkness of thought and drink the poison of life, split with The City is the Tower, Hyperrealist, 2010) [Bandcamp]
  189. Paul WellerWake up the nation’  (Wake up the nation, Island Records, 2010) [YouTube]
  190. Women [Philadelphia] ‘KGB’ (No reasons, 2010) [Bandcamp]
  191. Your Inner Burden ‘My Privacy 2.0′ (Every Day is a Holiday, 2010) [Bandcamp]
  192. The Middle Ones ‘High school stalker‘ (Hello Saferide cover, album unknown, year unknown)
  193. Channel In Channel OutCalculate the surveillance’ (The author and the narrator, Karaoke Kalk, 2011) [Soundcloud]
  194. Stingray313* ‎’Who’s watching the watchers (Misinformation Campaign, Trust, 2011)
  195. The Streets ‘Something to hide’ (Cyberspace And Reds – Deluxe Mixtape, self-released, 2011) [Soundcloud]
  196. The Beach Boys ‎’The private life of Bill and Sue‘ (That’s Why God Made the Radio, Capitol Records, 2012)
  197. Belgrado ‘Panopticon’ (7”, La vida es un mus, 2012) [Bandcamp]
  198. Camera ‘RFID’ (2012) [Bandcamp]
  199. dEUS ‎’Fire up the Google beast algorithm‘ (Following Sea, Play It Again Sam, 2012)
  200. Heems ‘Computers’ (Nehru Jackets, self-released, 2012) [Bandcamp]
  201. Hidrogenesse ‘Historia del mundo contada por las computadoras‘ (Un dígito binario dudoso: Recital para Alan Turing, Austrohúngaro, 2012) [YouTube]
  202. The Offspring ‘The future is now(Days Go By, Columbia, 2012) a1752478485_10
  203. Scanner ‘Anytime (Headz)’ (Colofon & Compendium 1991-1994, Sub Rosa, 2012)
  204. The Smashing Pumpkins ‘Panopticon’‎ (Oceania, Martha’s Music, 2012) [YouTube]
  205. 2 Chainz ft. Pharrell ‘Feds Watching‘ (2013) [YouTube]
  206. Bart&Baker ‘Stop Googling me!‘ (feat. Marcella Puppini) (Entouka Productions, 2013) [YouTube]
  207. Belle and Sebastian ‘Your cover’s blown‘ (Rough Trade, 2013) [YouTube]
  208. Cage ‘Watch me’ (Kill the Architect, Eastern Conference, 2013) [Soundcloud]
  209. Dan Lacksman ‘I want my space’(Electric Dreams, 2013) [YouTube]
  210. Desaparecidos ‎’Anonymous‘ (7″, self-released, 2013) [Bandcamp]
  211. JPatterson Turn off your smartphone’ (Self-released, 2013) [YouTube]
  212. Melloquence ‘No privacy’ (Konsequence Muziq, 2013) [YouTube]
  213. Megadeth ‘Dance in the rain’ (Super Collider, 2013)
  214. Motrip feat. Elmo ‘Guten Morgen NSA’ (2013) [YouTube] artworks-000052964865-5hssus-t500x500
  215. Painted Caves ‘Flesh on tape’ (Surveillance, Shelter Press, 2013) [Soundcloud]
  216. Placebo ‘Too many friends’ (Loud Like Love, Vertigo, 2013) [YouTube]
  217. Priests ‘Watch you’ (Tape Two, Sisterpolygon Records, 2013)
  218. Skull:Axis ‘Data Retention Directive’ (The Transparent Society, Peripheral Records, 2013) [Soundcloud]
  219. Stromae ‘Carmen’ (Racine Carrée, Mercury, 2013) [YouTube]
  220. Yacht ‘Party at the NSA’ (Self-released, 2013) [PartyAtTheNSA]
  221. Anti-Flag ‎’1984′ (Archives Vol. 3: The B-Sides,  A-F Records, 2014)
  222. Big Data ‘The business of emotion’ (2014) [YouTube]
  223. Bone Tee & The Slughunters ‘Don’t go googling me‘ (One Foot in the Roots, self-released, 2014) [Soundcloud]
  224. CrayOn ‘Mais qui surveille les gardiens ?’ (Sans Filet, Yes Music, 2014) [DailyMotion]
  225. DVChamBerlin ‘Privacy’ (Self-released, 2014) [Bandcamp]
  226. Identity Theft ‘Sleep’ (The Future Hates the Past, Katabatik, 2014) [Bandcamp]
  227. Identity Theft ‘Targeted individuals(The Future Hates the Past, Katabatik, 2014) [Bandcamp] [Bandcamp]
  228. Rock, Paper, Cynic ‘Hello NSA (A Love Song of Mass Surveillance)‘ (2014) [YouTube]
  229. Shellac ‎’All the surveyors’ (Dude Incredible, Touch and Go, 2014)
  230. St. Vincent ‘Digital Witness’ (St. Vincent, Republic Records, 2014) [YouTube]
  231. Teknique ‘Facebook FBI’ (Self-released, 2014) [SoundHound]
  232. Thievery Corporation ‘The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter‘ (The Cosmic Game, Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, 2014)
  233. Wolfs From Dogs ‘Data centres’ (2014) [Bandcamp]
  234. Broken Water1984′ (Wrought, Night People, 2015) [YouTube]
  235. Heems ‘Patriot Act’ (Eat Pray Thug, Megaforce Records, 2015)
  236. High Cameras ‘Daddy needs privacy’ (Self-released, 2015) [Bandcamp] a1308931486_10
  237. Holly Herndon ‎’Home (Platform, 4AD, 2015) [YouTube]
  238. Holly Herndon ‎’Interference’ (Platform, 4AD, 2015) [YouTube]
  239. Maniac Abductor ‘Privacy for sale’ (Trash Assault, 2015) [Bandcamp]
  240. Mutoid Man ‘Surveillance’ (2015) [Bandcamp]
  241. Vision Fortune ‘Stalker’ ‎(Country Music, ATP Recordings, 2015) [Beatport]
  242. AGF ‘Snowden’ (Kon​:​3p>UTION to: e​[​VOL​]​ution, AGF Producktion, 2016) [Bandcamp]
  243. Anohni ‎’Watch me’ (Hopelessness, Secretly Canadian, 2016)
  244. Beginner ‘Ahna’ (Advanced Chemistry, Vertigo Berlin, 2016) [YouTube]
  245. FiveSidedDice ‘Big Brother’ (2016) [Bandcamp]
  246. Patrick Billings ‘Privacy invasion’ (Various Artists, Reggae World Riddim, Master Kat Productions, 2016)
  247. Peter Gabriel ‘The veil’ (Real World Records, 2016) [YouTube]
  248. James Ferraro ‘Security Broker‘ (Human Story 3) [YouTube]
  249. Jesus on the Moon ‘Panoptic’ (Echolalia, self-released, 2016) [Bandcamp]
  250. JPEGMAFIA & Freaky ‘Big Data / The Internet ain’t safe‘ (The 2nd Amendment, self-released, 2016) [Soundcloud]
  251. MsGNU ‘Terms and conditions’ (Stuck in Cyberspace, self-released, 2016) [YouTube]
  252. Ohmyboy & Wöllstein ‎’Fuck privacy’ (Burlesque Musique, 2016) [Beatport]
  253. Sam Sparro ‘Private lives’ (Quantum Physical 3: Conspiracy, Intuit, 2016) [YouTube]
  254. Wilco ‎’Locator’ (Schmilco, dPpm Records, 2016) [YouTube]
  255. Cloud Control ‘Panopticon’ (Zone, Ivy League Records, 2017) [YouTube]
  256. Cowbell ‘None of your business’ (Haunted Heart, 2017) [YouTube]
  257. Dadju ‘Bob Marley’ (Gentleman 2.0, 2017) [YouTube]
  258. Daniel B. Truen ‘Me, myself & A.I’ (Me, Myself and A.I.) [Bandcamp]
  259. Federico Sirianni ‘Mia madre sta su Facebook‘  (feat. Arturo Brachetti) (Il santo, 2017) [YouTube]
  260. Incubus Love in a time of surveillance(8, Island Records, 2017) [YouTube]
  261. Killa DBA ‘Data protection’ (Putting your bits where your bytes should be, Self-released, 2017) [Bandcamp]
  262. Nu-Mecca ‘Watching’ (So high, 2017) [Bandcamp]
  263. Prophets of Rage ‘Radical eyes (Prophets of Rage, Fantasy, 2017)
  264. Prophets of Rage ‘Take me higher’ (Prophets of Rage, Fantasy, 2017)
  265. Protect and Survive ‘Switch off your smartphone this Christmas’ (A Very Cherry Christmas – Vol. 12, Cherryade Records, 2017) [AmazingTunes]
  266. Stephen James Hewitt ‘My right to be forgotten‘ (Self-released, 2017) [Bandcamp]
  267. Steve Kemple ‘m a c h i n e l e a r n i n g _ v 1. 2′ (m a c h i n e l e a r n i n g) [Bandcamp]
  268. Sondre Lerche ‎’I’m always watching you’ (Pleasure, House of Hassle, 2017) [YouTube]
  269. The Magnetic Fields ‘’86 How I failed ethics’ (50 Song Memoir, Nonesuch, 2017) [YouTube] 71zqm9iw4rl._ss500_
  270. The Members ‘Smartphone junkie‘ (Smartphone, 2017) [YouTube]
  271. Mr. Bitterness And The Guilty Pleasures ‘This Brave New World’ (Songs From The Surveillance Age, 2017) [BlocSonic]
  272. Tilsonic and <radioaddict> ‘Snowden’ (Power Mad, self-released, 2017) [Bandcamp]
  273. Yeule ‎’Death of an AI’ (Coma, Zoom Lens, 2017) [YouTube]
  274. Young Machettes ‘Surveillance!!!’ (2017) [Bandcamp]
  275. Cardi B ‘Thru your phone‘ (Invasion of privacy, Atlantic, 2018) [YouTube]
  276. The 1975 ‘The man who married a robot / Love theme‘ (A brief inquiry into online relationships, Polydor, 2018) [YouTube]
  277. Interpol ‘Surveillance’ (Marauder, Matador) [Official]
  278. Muse ‘Algorithm’ (Simulation theory, Warner Bros.) [YouTube]
  279. Russian Computer Club ‘Watching you’ (Computer Aided Music / Watching you, 2018) [Bandcamp]
  280. Blank Statements ‘Privacy’ (Signs are Rampant, Tough Love, 2019) [Bandcamp]
  281. Gappy Ranks ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (Various Artists, Black Bird Riddim, Baco Records, 2019) [YouTube]
  282. Kari Faux ‘Leave me alone’ (Cry 4 Help, Change Minds, 2019) [YouTube]
  283. Netsky ‘Snitch’ (feat. Aloe Blacc) (Republic Records, 2019) [YouTube]
  284. Momus ‘Facial recognition’ (Akkordion, American Patchwork, 2019) [YouTube]
  285. Bell-Towers ‘Privacy’ (Junior Mix, Public Possession, 2020) [YouTube]
  286. Fontaines DC ‘Televised mind’ (A Hero’s Death, Partisan Record 2020) [YouTube]
  287. Frosty ft. Unknown ‘Under Surveillance‘ (2020) [YouTube]
  288. Jasmine Guffond ‘Dotcompound’ (Microphone Permission, Mego, 2020) [YouTube]
  289. Systemabsturz ‘Staatstrojaner‘ (2020) [Youtube]
  290. Boyracer ‘Digital friends’ (Assuaged, Emotional Response, 2021) [Bandcamp]
  291. Cadence Weapon ‘On me (feat. Manga Saint Hilare and Strict Face)‘ (Parallel World, eOne, 2021) [YouTube]evan-greer-spotify-is-surveillance
  292. Evan Greer ‘Surveillance capitalism(Spotify is surveillance, Get Better Records, 2021) [YouTube]
  293. Magdalena Bay ‘Secrets (Your fire)’ (Mercurial World, Luminelle Recordings, 2021) [YouTube]
  294. Modest Mouse ‘Transmitting receiving‘ (The Golden Casket, Epic, 2021) [YouTube]
  295. Radio Row ‘Track and Trace‘ (I Bloody Told You This Would Happen!, 2021) [Bandcamp]
  296. Signs of New Growth (S.O.N.G.) ‘Surveillance/Carpe Diem’ (2021) [Bandcamp]
  297. Trusty Bench Boys ‘There’s one I in Microsoft Teams‘ (There’s One I in Microsoft Team, 2021) [Bandcamp]
  298. GLOR1A ‘Sad surveillance’:(2021) [YouTube]
  299. TerryTheVoice ‘Under surveillance‘ (2021) [YouTube]
  300. Autodidact ‘Surveillance culture’ (2022) [Bandcamp]
  301. Bob Vylan ‘Phone tap (Alexa)’ (2022) [Bandcamp]
  302. Calm. ‘To live and die in dystopia (feat. Niko Is & Myka 9)’ (2022) [Bandcamp]
  303. Confess ‘Under surveillance’ (2022) [Bandcamp]

Compiled by Gloria González Fuster. Originally put together in preparation for DJ Soeur Veillance‘s set at VUB’s Law, Science, Technology and Society (LSTS) Research Group 15th Anniversary Party (and occasionally updated since). Please note this list does not pretend to be comprehensive. For more songs, see the Best privacy songs of 2018, the Best privacy songs of 2019, the Best privacy songs of 2020, the Best privacy songs of 2021. For more writing about the songs, see here.

A number of privacy and data protection experts who might wish to remain anonymous contributed to this list with their kind suggestions. I am extremely grateful to all of them, and also to Gary T. Marx, David Barnard-Wills, Jolien Ghyselinck, Brendan Van Alsenoy, Sebastian Golla, Loer Franck, Sarah Eskens, Niels van Dijk, Mathias Vermeulen, Jörn Reinhardt, Josep Martín, Isabel Díaz, Cristina Gallego, Justin Currie, Yolanda Gallego, Laura García, Óscar Hidalgo, Judith, and Fátima.